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Time & Attendance clocking station

Simple to use, innovative and designed for your working environment. Our An all-in-one, Smart Card Time & Attendance recording workstation incorporates; job booking, job costing, labour hours analysis and security management including quality CCTV playback


Fast, secure, feature packed

Time & Attendance system

Smart cards, optional biometrics, large colour LCD and intuitive software all provide the fastest and safest method of recording your employees time & attendance.


Benefits for all business, from Accountants to Zoo Keepers

The state of the art system will dramatically improve your HR and security management with features that give you irrefutable control over Time & Attendance, working patterns rules, the EU working time regulations and the EU road transport directive regulations.


Fast, accurate and easy-to-use system to record employees' hours of working and site security.

A complete smart card time and attendance system including European Working Time Directive checking and reporting, ensuring that your company remains compliant with both regional and national legislation.


Historic pub to be converted into social care facility with 14 spaces

The Cross Keys, a historic 17th century pub in Eccles, Manchester, will be converted from its current disused state by a social care provider. 

Specialist social care property provider Annesley Living has been granted planning permission by Salford City Council to turn the site into a social care premises for 14 clients, at a cost of £1.25m. 
The 400 year-old building had been empty for three years and had fallen into ruin. Historic England was fully consulted and accepted the plans. 
Jack Knight, managing director of Annesley Living, said: "The pub has a fascinating history having been built in 1629 but it had been totally abandoned when we acquired it in November 2015.
"It was our goal from the outset to bring back a building which was used by the community into a building for the community, and for delivering on that we're extremely proud. It is great to see it have a new lease of life as a community asset, which will provide much-needed supported living accommodation for the local population.
"Cowgills supported us throughout the development, which has been challenging at times."
David Rainford, finance director at Cowgills, added: "Seeing this fabulous building fulfilling a new role is as important to us as the deal. We are delighted to have been able to help Annesley Living and look forward to working with them on future projects."
Most pubs still rely on employees to fill in handwritten timesheets stating their hours worked. Not only does this run the risk of being inaccurate thanks to employees’ forgetfulness, or worse, deliberate attempts to commit wage fraud, but it can also be a massive drain on your office and payroll staff who have to approve and type up all the information.
A workforce management system from Time and Attendance North West would bring your attendance systems up-to-date and reduce workloads considerably.
For example, managers would no longer need to approve every single timesheet every single week or month, and accounts staff would no longer need to laboriously type up the timesheets to enter them into the payroll system. 
Instead, the information would be gathered in real-time and stored in an easy to use centralised system, where it can be checked by supervisors for validity, exported to payroll systems such as Sagepay, or made into reports using our report wizard and advanced report creating facility.
All the staff would need to do is clock in and out using one of our terminals, with either a smartcard or a biometric measurement (fingers or hands). If a physical clocking terminal is not suitable for your premises (for example if you rent and cannot change the wiring) then we can also offer our online/mobile app Self Service module. 

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